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Drilling Rig Success
Drilling Rig Success
As most companies in the maritime sector, SEBASTIAN AS have felt the tough market situation recent years. But now the tide has turned, and we have gained substantial traction with our new rig contracts this year. Three different rig companies have signed SEBASTIAN AS for our DP services.- It’s good to be back on track, says CEO and President, Johannes Kristian Bjøringsøy.
- Hard work the over last years are now paying off, and our recent rig contracts are with three different clients in the drilling rig market. The consultant company are at the frontend of their field of expertise where they provide various advisory services to both Norwegian and international clients within the maritime and offshore industry. Over the last years SEBASTIAN AS have been strategically focusing on the rig market, and their new assignments are a direct result of this. - We monitor the development in the industry and consider ourselves a market leader within our niche. Our customers benefit from working with an independent third-party company, as our knowledge and quality focus becomes their advantage, explains Bjøringsøy. Transocean in Norway He is pleased to have recently completed one of the three contracts this year, their assignment with Transocean, one of the largest rig companies in the world. - The assignment was for “Transocean Spitsbergen”, where we did a new FMEA – Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, which in short is a process where you map and analyse potential failures and analyse their consequences. The new FMEA was required after installing batteries for hybrid operation, and advanced systems for closed bus operations. Earlier this month the documentation produced in this analysis was approved by the class society DNV-GL, and right now testing on the rig is being performed by following our documentation, Bjøringsøy tells. - I am extremely grateful for all the efforts our employees have put into this project during summer, by working long hours, including weekends and for moving their vacations. They have been making necessary sacrifices in order to complete the job on time, he says. “Lone Star” in Brazil The last month have been hectic and the hard work is now providing results. Bjøringsøy is pleased with the development. - A couple of weeks ago we signed a contract with a Brazilian rig owner, Constellation. This is a different kind of assignment where we are assisting the owner with re-activation of the rig “Lone Star” from layup, helping them getting it approved by Petrobras, the Brazilian state-owned oil company. - This activity will be handled partly from our Brazilian office in Rio de Janeiro, and partly from our head office here in Ulsteinvik, he continues. New buildings in Singapore And the success continues, as the latest contract was signed this week. - Yes, things are really picking up for us now and it is a real pleasure to announce that we signed a contract this week with Awilco Drilling in Stavanger, Norway. This assignment is related to Dynamic Positioning (DP), an advanced system that helps the rig maintain position and heading during operations. We will provide a wide range of advisory services in this project. - We are very proud and pleased to have secured these new contracts with large, solid and well-known customers and the future is looking bright for us, finishes Bjøringsøy with a smile.
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Drawing on 20 years of experience in the oil and marine industry, Sebastian AS has acquired wide-ranging skills and know-how relating to mobile offshore installations and all types of ships.

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Our professional and highly competent staff have extensive experience working in shipyards, on offshore installations and sailing ships. We also have many years' experience of conducting Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for all kinds of ships and offshore installations. 

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Sebastian can now offer CMID inspections according to IMCA guidelines. CMID is a new business area for Sebastian AS. Our staff is highly qualified and registered as auditor in the IMCA CMID database.

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