Since Sebastian AS was established in 1994 our services have been asked for by many companies and vessels around the world. We have had operations in a number of countries on every continent. Our business is global and our customers expect us to come to wherever our services are needed.

Going from a vessel survey in Singapore directly to an FMEA test preparation in Korea, travelling to the west coast of Africa for a week or two or boarding a vessel in a Texas harbour are all part of our normal work. However, our assignments can also be more local, such as carrying out FMEA proving trials a two-hours drive from our premises or attending a project meeting within walking distance in Ulsteinvik. The needs varies and our staff are prepared to meet our customers’ expectations.

Sebastian AS`s operational history from the early 1990`s shows that we take pride in our assignments and that this is valued by our clients. In the beginning the jobs were mostly local, but it quickly developed into the international market.

Sebastian do Brasil was established in 2015 and is servicing the South American market in cooperation with the rest of the organization.

In 2016 Sebastian China became a reality.

Client needs varies and our staff are prepared to meet our customers’ expectations. Our qualified staff travel to wherever we are needed.

Sebastian AS service all our customers from our offices in Norway Brazil and China.

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Dynamic Positioning

DP Assurance & Consultancy services is a main area for Sebastian AS. Sebastian AS have been working worldwide for yards, rig owners, ship owners, oil companies & offshore contractors on all kind of ships and offshore installations, ensuring safe DP operations since the beginning. Our company became an IMCA member in 2005. In 2014 Sebastian AS became a member of MTS.

Verification & Validation

Verification & Validation is an important tool to establish the quality and functionality of equipment and systems, both technical and operational. Verification & Validation of equipment and system is a key mission for Sebastian AS.


Sebastian AS have been part of the Energy industry during the last 3 decades. The worlds energy market has developed continuously, and we have been part of the journey all the way.