About us


Best in competence and quality to ensure safe operations.


To have leading expertise in delivering services to:

– Ships and mobile offshore installations
– Energy as an area for delivering our services to Oil & Gas and the Renewable industry – companies, organisations, and authorities
– Verification & Validation as an area for delivering to Marine farming, offshore and onshore activities


All work carried out by Sebastian AS management and employees shall be based on our company value;

”Trusted through expertise and integrity”.

Dynamic Positioning

  • DP Consultancy
  • DP Philosophy
  • DP Trials
  • SRtP documentation
  • DP Operations Manual
  • DP Incident Investigation
  • Third Party DP verification
  • Sebastian DPP (DP Portal)
  • etc

Verification & Validation

  • Design reviews
  • Concept studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Philosophy documents
  • Specifications
  • Electrical design
  • ESD/F&G design
  • Energy storage – system review
  • Assistance for ship purchase/ sale
  • CMID


Sebastian AS have been part of the Energy industry during the last 3 decades. The worlds energy market has developed continuously, and we have been part of the journey all the way.

Our history

Sebastian AS is an independent consultancy company established in 1994. From our Offices in Norway, Brazil, and China, we are ready to service our clients all over the world.

During the first years we concentrated on providing engineering services for offshore service vessels to the shipyards and ship design companies nearby. However, before long our service area and geographical operations expanded widely.

The company has been preparing FMEAs and FMECAs worldwide for all kind of ships and offshore installations since 1998. Sebastian AS became IMCA member in 2005. In 2014 Sebastian AS became a member of MTS. The energy industry is changing and due to the demand for international change, Sebastian became member of NORWEA and Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster in 2022.

Our long experience in Maritime / Oil & Gas industry is well recognized by our customers and their clients. This has given us a strong position in the industry all over the world.

Over the years we have built a strong expertise and know how.


Sebastian AS has implemented a HSEQ system to ensure safe working environment and which enables us to obtain and improve qualified services to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. HSEQ commitments is documented in our HSE – policy and our QA policy:

Company HSE – Policy

The Company aims to achieve and maintain the highest possible standard of quality in all its activities. Health, Safety and Environmental focus will be managed in the same manner as all other critical business activities.

We shall on annual basis make a Health, Safety and Environmental Plan. This plan will include specific Company objectives and targets in the areas of HSE.

Sebastian AS management will continuously promote and reinforce its commitment to HSE by being an exemplary role model and by assuring HSE expectations and policies are published, communicated and well known.

Verification & Validation

  • To prevent any damages or injuries at the workplaces
  • To avoid any undesirable effects on the environment
  • To ensure that no work-related illness ensue from our operations
  • To comply with all relevant rules and regulations concerning safety - and the maintenance of environmental integrity in all operations
  • To have an organization with highly qualified personnel
  • To provide all employees the necessary training and management support to enable them to carry out their duties on accordance with the terms of this policy

Company QA– Policy

Sebastian AS aims to deliver services and products at a level of Quality that complies with the requirements of our QA Management System and meets or exceeds contractual and legal obligations and achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Company’s reputation with customers.


Verification & Validation

  • Delivering services of the highest quality in order to meet our customer’s needs
  • Continually improving and maintaining procedures and routines
  • Investing in systems and training that enable us to constantly refining our expertise and performance
  • Obtain profitable operations