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Sebastian makes the Norwegian shelf safer


Sebastian AS carries out assignments worldwide, but during the past few months this company in the Ulstein municipality has had a greater focus on activities at home.

Just before Christmas, this consulting firm won an order from Statoil together with COSL Promoter. Now it is working on an assignment on the Norwegian continental shelf for oil company Total E&P Norge. Sebastian AS is to provide the DP and FMEA verification on the Leiv Eiriksson drilling rig.

Focus on safety

This Ulstein company has expertise that is known worldwide and the oil industry has a steadily increasing focus on safety.

– The management of Total E&P Norge is extremely concerned about safety and that is why we have to hire expertise, says Roar Holstad, the head of marine operations in Total E&P Norge.

Major disasters linked to oil production have in the past claimed human lives and had a negative impact on the environment and various affected parties. With their rising safety standards, the oil companies are now more actively involved in order to prevent accidents.

Unique expertise

Sebastian AS is chosen by the major players because few, if any, can match its expertise.

– It’s not so easy to explain briefly what we look at on such occasions, but we are hired to verify that all the maritime systems linked to the rig function as they should. The interaction between the many different systems is also critical, says Project Manager Geir Sindre Røyset in Sebastian AS.

From Sunnmøre

All the most important roles in this project are held by people from Sunnmøre. Like the management of Sebastian AS, Roar Holstad in Total E&P Norge comes from the town of Ulsteinvik in the Sunnmøre district of Western Norway.  The rig owner also has people from Sunnmøre in leading positions in this project.

– In Sebastian, we’re used to talking to people from other cultures and that usually goes very well. But being able to communicate with people from Sunnmøre in key roles – on an assignment like this one - gives us an extra kind of calmness and security, says Johannes Kristian Bjøringsøy, President & CEO of Sebastian AS.


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