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Sebastian AS wins prestigious order

Sebastian AS has won another prestigious order. Statoil has asked for assistance from this consulting firm, which specialises in providing DP and FMEA services for ships and offshore facilities worldwide.

The work for Statoil relates to completely new oil rigs which this Norwegian oil major has chartered from Chinese rig company COSL (Chinese Oil Services Limited). Sebastian AS is to provide third-party verification of the DP and FMEA work on these rigs.

“We’re Statoil’s representatives on this assignment and our task is to ensure that all the systems function as they’re supposed to and that the crew can handle the technical and operational challenges on board. We view the fact that Statoil has chosen to buy these services from Sebastian AS as a vote of confidence in our company,” says Johannes Kristian Bjøringsøy, president and CEO of Sebastian AS.

Sebastian AS has focused on developing its expertise in exactly the above areas for several years. Based in Ulsteinvik on the west coast of Norway, the company’s vision is to provide the best expertise and quality related to safeguarding maritime operations.

“Our volume of assignments is increasing all the time and we’re now looking for skilled employees in order to expand our operations,” concludes Bjøringsøy.

Sebastian AS to provide services to PGS

Consulting firm Sebastian AS has signed a contract with world-leading seismic company Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) to provide FMEA verification services. This Ulstein company will review the work that Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is to carry out on the new PGS ships.

These PGS ships are characterised by being shaped like a delta: short and wide, and with room for many winches. Their innovative design is not random. PGS has for many years been a world-leader in 3D seismic data and now wants to strengthen its position in the field of seismic operations.

“PGS is known for setting high standards for its suppliers. In this project, Sebastian will provide the FMEA verification. The actual FMEA service is a job that the Mitsubishi yard in Nagasaki has already hired a company to do. Sebastian will conduct a full verification of that work,” explains Johannes Kristian Bjøringsøy, the CEO of Sebastian AS, adding: “What is a bit special here is that we are to validate Det Norske Veritas (DNV), which will do the FMEA job. On behalf of the shipowner, we will verify and review DNV’s work and the conclusions that DNV arrives at.”

PGS contacted Sebastian AS earlier this year for assistance on one of its vessels and Sebastian more than met its expectations. Later, their collaboration has been extended and to date the hard-working consulting firm, based in Ulsteinvik, has carried out several prestigious assignments for this world-leading seismic company.

“We’re pleased that PGS wants to use us. This is a result of the confidence built up through the assignments we carried out earlier this year. We also know that other shipowners are considering using Sebastian AS for FMEA verification work and we think that’s exciting, since it’s one of our focus areas,” says Mr Bjøringsøy. 

Sebastian AS achieves shuttle tanker success

Sebastian AS has been given assignments by Teekay - the world's largest shuttle tanker company

 Shuttle tankers are looked on as floating pipelines; they sail back and forth between oil installations and onshore refinery complexes. Teekay is the leading company in this field and controls more than half the world’s ships in this niche.

These are advanced ships. Each shuttle tanker is specially equipped to load oil from the offshore platform, and its dynamic positioning (DP) system ensures that it remains in position even in extreme weather conditions.

One of the services provided by Sebastian AS is Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA), and this is what Teekay is now asking the Ulstein company for.

“We’re very pleased that Teekay has chosen to use us as a supplier of FMEA services,” says Johannes Kristian ‘Bassa’ Bjøringsøy, the general manager of Sebastian AS. “After introducing  ourselves to Teekay in 2006, we were finally given an assignment last year so that they could ‘try out Sebastian AS’, as they put it.”

Sebastian AS must have done well since Teekay has now given this Ulstein company more assignments.

“At a meeting with the company just before Easter, the management announced that Sebastian had been awarded top marks for the job we did on board the Navion Scandia. That’s why Teekay wants to extend its collaboration with us. We’ve already received four orders for similar assignments and have been told we might be given more orders during the year,” says the founder of Sebastian, ‘Bassa’ Bjøringsøy.


Sebastian AS - in position to perform CMID audits

CMID is a new business area for Sebastian AS and we can now offer CMID inspections according to IMCA guidelines.  Our staff is highly qualified and registered as auditor in the IMCA CMID database. 

The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) aims to reduce the number of audits carried out on individual marine vessels through the adoption of a common auditing standard for the offshore industry.

A competent and independent third party should complete the audit, enabling subsequent clients or prospective clients to consider their results rather than simply requiring full re-inspections.  

The CMID is an inspection that is to ensure clients that the vessel is up to the standards of the industry, focusing on the safety of people and the marine environment.

At Sebastian we focus on the safety of the crew and will go out of our way to make as little interference as possible for vessel operations when we are onboard to perform the audit.

As a well-known and trusted third party company, Sebastian AS is prepared to meet the markets/offshore industries need for CMID audits.

ONS 2012

Welcome to visit us at ONS 2012, 28–31 August, Hall E568/Substand 17

Sebastian AS participates in ONS 2012 as a part of SEF, a joint promoter group under parole “stronger together”. Our stand is located in an attractive area of the venue, as a part of Bergen region pavilion.

We will also participate in a gathering at the ONS Festival in Vågen 29th of August with superb entertainment.  Please come and join us.

See our virtual stand: SEF ONS stand 2012


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